About us

Our vision is to become the largest supplier of wholesome meat in Nigeria, providing consumers with affordable alternative to the poorly prepared meat in the market.
The Problem

Why We Do It.

As many researches and surveys have shown, the traditional and government owned/run meat processing industry has failed on many grounds.

The hygiene of many of the abattoirs is depressingly poor and the methods employed by the workers there in slaughtering and preparing the  meat product have been condemned by many stakeholders who are concerned with the health implications for the consumers of meat.

This has led many to call for the involvement of the private sector in building and running meat processing and packaging business in a bid to bring our meat processing industry into the 21st century.

Beef Plus

What We Do.

Beef Plus processes and distributes wholesome beef, goat meat and other animal protein products. We provide consumers in Lagos with an important alternative to the poorly prepared meat currently dominating Nigerian meat market. 

Wholesome Meat for Awesome You

We specialize in producing quality beef, goat meat and other types of meats in hygienic conditions and package same for our customers.